Daniela Morgante

Daniela Morgante


Daniela Morgante, born in 1973 in Rome, Italy.


Since 1 November 2019, she is the Chair of the International Board of Auditors for NATO (Member since 1 August 2019).

She graduated cum laude at the Faculty of Law of the University of Rome La Sapienza in 1996. After two years practice at the State Attorney General’s Office in Rome, in 1999 she joined the CONSOB (Italian supervisory authority for securities and financial markets), first as analyst (Milan) and then as attorney (Rome). In 2001 she was recruited by the Bank of Italy for the Banking Supervisory Regulation and Competition Department, in Rome.

In 2007 she passed the recruitment procedures for Ordinary Judge, then for Administrative Judge and then for Accounting Judge. After being appointed Judge of the Regional Administrative Tribunal for Piemonte, she took over as Judge of the Court of Auditors where she has served: the Regional Audit Court for Veneto (2007-2010); the Regional Jurisdictional Court for Puglia (2010-2013); as Vice General Prosecutor for Molise (2014-2016); as Regional Chief Prosecutor for Alto-Adige/Sued Tyrol (2017-2019); as Auditing Judge for the Italian Centre for Aerospace Research (2016-2019); as Vice Auditing Judge for the Enrico Fermi Centre for Science Research (2011-2015); as Member of the Council for Audit Training (2012-2014). Her experience in financial, compliance and performance audit is also complemented by additional auditing positions, in Italy and abroad, as: Member of the College of Auditors of the National Association of the Judges of the Court of Audit (2009-2012); Member of the College of Auditors of the Governing Council of the Tax Courts (2012-2013); Member of the Board of Performance Auditors for the Management of the University Hospital Umberto I (2015-2017); Chair of the College of Auditors of FORMAP Foundation (Universities of Rome La Sapienza and of Naples Federico II, 2016-2019); Member (since 2015) and Chair (since 2017) of the College of Auditors of the European Union Institute for Security Studies.

She was also appointed Judge at the National Appeal Sport Rules Court of the Italian Football Federation in 2016 and, in 2017, Judge of the Tax Court for the Province of Florence and Member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Arbiter Court for Financial Litigations. She was also Legal Counselor of the Ministry for European Affairs (2018-2019) and Deputy for Finance for the Capital City of Rome (2013-2014).

She taught in Master-degree courses and lectured in seminars and conferences (Universities of Rome La Sapienza, of Naples Federico II, Pegaso, National School of Administration, Regional Institute of Legal Studies for Lazio A.C.Jemolo, ITA, CEIDA and others) in the fields of audit and accounting in the public sector and of administrative and financial law. She is the author of over 80 articles and comments published in journals, treatises and commentaries. In 2018, she was appointed Vice-Director of the Journal of the Italian Court of Audit. She also joined scientific committees, such as for the Journal of Italian, European and Comparative Public Law Federalismi (2012) and for the Master in Fiscal Federalism at the University of Rome La Sapienza (2011).